Monday, December 12, 2016

Some Bolt Action

Renfrey is back home for Xmas & we introduced him to BoltAction.  On Tuesday I lent him a British army & Chris advised him in a fight against Steve's Germans.  Each army was 1000 pts plus a medium tank.  The scenario had 4 objectives.
Both sides failed to mount any serious attempts to take an objective s the battle was decided on body count & with loses about equal, it was a draw.

On Friday we had another go, this time with 1000 pts each in a Hold Until Relieved scenario.  Steve brought his new Falshermjager & defended.  I commanded the Brits with Renfrey assisting.
The Brits are on the near side.  The battle area is 6'x4', bounded by the railway line, line of rulers & river. 
The Brits rushed their half track full of commandos & Carrier down the road to grab an objective  before the German reserves could stop them.  The British infantry were supposed to suppress the German counterattack, but they couldn't hit a thng & the Germans massacred the commandos. 
The Brits on the ridge blasted away to prepare for an attack on the centre objective, finally starting to cause some casualties.
In the last turns the Brits launched attack son the centre objective, mometarilly taking it, but German counterattacks took it back.  The battle ended as a draw as teh atackers has taken only 1 of the 3 objectives.  Casualties were high on both sides.

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Phil said...

Nice looking game!