Thursday, December 01, 2016

Hail Caesar

Mark & Chris v. Jim & Mitch
We selected a couple of Diodochi armies similar to our campaign armies.
Jim & Mitch are on the left: Phalanx in the cnetre, cavalry of the left, warband son the right.
Mark & Chris are on the right with Hoplite sin the cntre, Cavalry on their right & phalngites + light infnatry on their left.
 Jim & Mitch advanced.Mark & Chris mostly blundered backwards.
 The cnetre came to grips first.
 The phalanx & hoplites clash bogged down under the phalanx rule as expected.  The warbands smashed themselves on the phalanx.  the did better v. the light infantry, but one of them withstood the charge.  The cavalry is engaged on the far flank.
Mitch's phalanx id in big trouble.  One unit has broken v. hoplites, another has been hit & flank & broken by Chris' phalanx. Chris' light inf continue to hold on.  Jim's cavalry has got the upper hand on the far flank.
Mitch's phalanx has broken, but so has Mark's cavalry.  Jim has tried to attack the hoplites with his cavalry, but poor command has stymied the idea leaving the battle to be decided on the near flank where the surviving 2 warbands are fighting the 2 phalanx units after disposing of the light infantry.  No one would break and it became a matter of which side got to half broken and the rest shaken first.  The warbands broke with one phalanx shaken & the other 1 casualty off being so.

So a close run victory for Chris & Mark.    

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