Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Diadochi Campaign: Antipater v. Lysymicus

Lysimacus (Mike) has invaded Antpater's (Jim's) kingdom of Macedon.  Lysimacus has already taken one province while Antipater was in Asia Minor helping Leonatus (Chris) fight off the Canberrans.  Antipater has returned home and with a division of cavalry from his ally Craterus (Mark) is defending his home province of Macedon.
Antipater's army is on the left. He was allowed to choose the terrain, but had to deploy first.  Craterus' cavalry is on the far flank.  Antipater's phalanx is in the centre with his cavalry on its left and warbands on its right.
Lysymacus (army commanded by Steve as Mike is interstate) was deployed after seeing Antipater's deployment.  He placed his hoplite division on the far flank, his phalanx/light infantry div in the centre and his two cavalry divs on his left.
Lysimacus got first move and with good command dice in turns 1 & 2 thwarted Antipater's plan to get his phalanx across the river before the enemy got there.   
The two sides lined up facing each other across the river.  Lysymacus had an advantage in missile power & was happy to trade missiles over the river - inf v. cav at each end & inf v. inf in the middle.  Antipater tried to outflank the enemy with his warbands on the near flank, but it was a slow business. He also made a direct attack over the river with 2 phalanxes v. light infantry.  One phalanx succeeded,  but the other was well held.   
In the centre the 2nd phalanx was broken by light infantry on the river line & Lysymacus moved some cavalry to face the phalanx that did get over the river.  Antipater pulled the phalanx back over the river & summoned Craterus to bring his heavy cavalry to the centre to plug the gap. On the near flank, the warbands are now overlapping the enemy flank. 
Craterus' cavalry were blessed with good command dice and crossed the river in the gap in the centre of the two lines.  On the far flank the hoplites have crossed the river & are trying to move towards the centre, but the enemy's light cavalry is delaying their advance.  Lysymacus' left is now in trouble as the warbands close around it.
Lysimacus' centre had given ground in front of Craterus' cavalry, but still holds.  He has sent his phalanxes over the river to try & finish off Antipater's phalanx division.  This left a hole in his line in front of Antipater's cavalry, but it blundered back rather than take advantage.  Lysimmacus' left flank cavalry has broken, but bad command dice prevent the warbands following up.
The hoplites are still trying to get past the light cavalry's delaying action.  Antipater's phalanx has broken.  Lysimacus' phalanx has fallen back across the river as Antipater's cavalry swarms around it.  Lysimicus' left & centre still refuse to break.
Antipater is on top now, but just can't land the killer blow.   Lysimicus' phalanx fights on surrounded by cavalry.  Antipater's cavalry has run out of steam in the centre.  The warbands are still making herbal tea.
The hoplites have finally broken though light cavalry screen, but the phalanx div is now all shaken & on half strength thus broken, & the warbands have finally charged in and finished off the enemy cavalry.  Antipater has won.

Lysimucus' army was outnumbered by 56 points, but Steve made a real battle out of it.  His rapid advance denied the enemy the advantage of the river & his superior missile power forced his enemy to attack.  The battle probably turned on Antipater's order to Craterus to move his cavalry from the left flank to plug the hole in the centre being blessed with good command dice where it really mattered. 

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