Wednesday, November 09, 2016

ACW: Wilsons Creek

It was US election day, so ACW seemed the natural choice for the night.  We fought a simplified version of the Wilsons Creek scenario in the Glory, Halleljah! Black Powder supplement.
The Union commanded by Chris & Mitch are on the far side with 3 divisions.  The Rebs commanded by Mike & Mark are on the left with 4 divisions.  The Rebs have begun a general advance.
On turn 2 a large Union division came on in the Reb's rear.  The Rebs had not been told this was to happen.
The Reb attack was speedily called off as part of their left flank div about faced and their right turned back to counterattack the new arrivals.  The main Union army now advanced to attack.
The light cover over almost all the table favoured the defense and the Union attack faltered on the river line.  The newly arrived Union division's deployment was disrupted by hot Reb shooting causing some break test disorder & some poor command rolls. 
While the main Union attack made some gains, it faltered, then their left & centre broke.  With their right on half strength & the rear attack going nowhere, the Union conceded.

The portent for the election is unclear as the CSA would clearly favour Trump, but Lincoln was a Republican.

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Dave said...

Looking good Jim! was one scenario I wanted to try at some point - good to see the Rebs out and about - more coming :)