Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Diadochi Campaign: Eumenes v. Leonnatus at Hellspont

Having defeated Antipater (Jim) at Hellespont already this campaign year in a battle fought in Canberra, Eumenes (Greg in Canberra) now had to fight Leonnatus (Chris) with this battle fought in Hobart.  Greg nominated Jim to be his commander in the field, but SteveJ helped out taking command of the right wing.  Chris' nephew Mitch commanded his right wing.
Both armies comprise a large infantry division and two cavalry divisions.  Eumemes army features two horse archer divisions plus a lot of medium infantry archers.   Leonnatus moved his medium infantry into his cavalry divisions which were outnumbered 4:5 by the enemy.
In the first turn Eumenes tried to advance with both cavalry wings, but only the right did so.

On the far flank, Eumenes' horse archers stopped Leonnatus' counterattack with effective Parthian shots.  On the near flank Eumenes' horse has refused to advance.  Leonnatus is advancing his right & centre.
Eumenes left flank finally got some dice go their way.  Leonnatus also has horse archers on this flank &  tried to do a Parthian shot evade.  The shots missed, his evade failed to outrun the attack and 2 units evaporated.  In the centre, Leonnatus' attack has paused, but the enemy are shooting wide and failing to take advantage.  On the far flank Leonanatus' cavalry is surviving repeated break tests.
On the near flank the Leonnatis' flank div is being finished off.  In the centre his foot still haven't closed.  On the far flank his horse is still hanging on.  
Leonnatus' phalanx has finally charged home buta swarm of horse archers is lapping around his flank.
Leonnatus' foot have had some success, but not enough most of the line has stalemated - which just isn't enough when a horse archer division is in your rear.
The ring of archers on the near flank has failed to break the shaken phalanx and the other end of Eumenes' infantry div has lost both medium infantry units, but Eumenes' left flank horse took the easy option, charging across the rear into Leonnatus' remaining light cavalry which finally broke.  With them Leonnatus' army broke.

Euemes' army has lost just 2 medium infantry units.  Both Leonnatus' cavalry divs are broken.  His phalanx is intact but all of it is shaken.

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Phil said...

A beautiful looking game, with an impressive Eumenes' horse archers' maneuver...