Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hail Caesar

Mark umpired a multiplayer game in the Successor period as practice for the Diadochi campaign & an introduction to HC for Chris' nephew.

Steve & James on the left are standing back with their foot while their horse archers go forward on their right. The Arthurs on the right are advancing in echelon, cavalry in front on their right, phalanx in the centre & warbands on their left.

The Armenian cavalry got a flank attack into the left of the Illyrian phalanx and took out half it, but the Illyran cavalry has wrapped around the left flank of the Armenian foot.

On this flank the warbands have pushed the enemy cavalry back.  They have suffered badly under the hails of arrows, but have not broken.  But both Armenian infantry divs have been broken between t give the Illyrians victory.

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