Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Last Practice for Operation Cromwell VI

This Saturday we are running Operation Cromwell VI, a 3 round Bolt Action Tournament at the Good Games shop.  We have 21 entries from several different groups of BA players.  Chris is dropping out & assisting me with TO duties to round the numbers off at 10 Axis v. 10 Allied.  Several players are bringing terrain making life pretty easy for me (I only have to provide 2 tables).

Last night we had a BA practice for Steve & Mark who will be playing & Chris who is reserve for any late withdrawal.  I practiced being umpire.
Steve's Panzergrenadiers steamrolled Chris' Soviets in a big win.  Mike's Yanks all but destroyed Mark's Panzergrenadiers but failed to take the objective in the Demolition scenario.

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