Sunday, October 16, 2016

Operation Cromwell VI: Bolt Action Tournament

Camp Cromwell ran Tasmania's first Bolt Action Tournament at the Good Games shop in Hobart yesterday.  20 players, 10 Axis v. 10 Allies took part.  There was also a good number of Bolt Action fans who had been unable to take part who popped in to check it out.  Chris assisted me with the TO duties.  The schedule allowed for 3 rounds with 2.5 hours per game, but we did a bit better than that.  The first game started at 10.15am & the last was finished about 5.15pm.  

The scenarios used were:
Round 1: Key Positions
Round 2: Envelopment
Round 3: Sectors

The players came from several different playing groups.  A pre-set roster was used that mostly avoiding pitching mates against each other as well as making all games Axis v. Allied.

Most of the 10 tables were provided by players.  Dennis Berwick brought 4 excellent tables with him from Devonport, Dave Hay provided 2, Nick Bowler & Sean Devenish provided 1 each, leaving me only 2 to do.

As TO I have to thank the players for making my task easy with their great easy going attitude.  There were no issues with the change to V2 & all rules issues resolved quickly and amicably.

This time the Germans won the war convincingly - with 54 VPs to 33.

The top Axis player was a man in a beard and black T-shirt (the one on the right).  Chris Maconis came from Canberra to lift our silverware & visit his rellies.  He was the only Axis player to win all his 3 games.

Richard Harris survived a protest about his shirt to retain his ranking as top Allied player - the only Allied player to win all 3 games.

Frankie Munro proved that size doesn't matter on the wargames table - he was the 2nd best Axis player & 3rd overall with 2 wins & a draw.

Many thanks to Mike at Good Games for providing a great venue complete with snack bar well supplied with the wargaming essentials of pies and coffee.  The Magic players were pushed into the odd left-over tables at the ends of the shop for a change.

There were some great bits of terrain.  This is a close up on one of Dennis's tables.

 Man v. Panther.

The $20 entry fee went into $65 Good Game vouchers for the Award winners & 2 Lucky Door prizes:
Rommel Award for Top Axis: Chis Maconis
Patton Award for Top Allied:  Richard Harris
Stalin Award for causing the most casualties (mostly his own): Nick Bowler
Noble Peace Prize for the causing the least casualties: Nathan Birchall
Lucky Door prizes: Bradly Williamson & Jim Wyndam.

Axis Players:
Chris Maconis 9 VPs
Frankie Munro 7
Riordan Macbeth 6
Jim Wyndam 6
Steve Jendrich 6
Dennis Berwick 6
Dave Hay (Japanese) 6
Matthew Devenish 5
Mark Oakford 3
Lachlan Fulton 0

Allied Players:
Richard Harris (US) 9 VPs
Sean Devenish (US) 6
Sarah Matthews (Australian) 6
Ian Martin (Soviet) 6
Nathan Birchall (Soviet) 3
Nathan Lovell (British) 1
Bradley Williamson (US) 1
Darryl Munro (British) 1
Nick Bowler (US) 0
Derek Fulton (US) 0

VPs are 3 for a win, 1 for a draw.  Ties in VPs ranked in order of kill ratio.

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