Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Hail Caesar: Diadochi

We are about to take part in a Diadochi (Alexander's successors) campaign with our mates in Canberra, so fought a Hail Caesar practice match.
On the left, Jim commands the 2 cav div on the far flank, Mark the 2 inf divs on the near flank.
On the right, right Steve commands the 2 cav divs, Chris commands the inf div in the centre & Mike has the inf on the near flank.
In the first moves Steve's cavalry & Mark's infantry have advanced. 
The action started when Jim's order for a minor redeployment of a cav div turned into a charge.  He then ordered the other cav div to join in while Mark moved his reserve div over in support.   The cavalry fight was indecisive and both sides have fallen back to regroup. 
A renewal of the cavalry fight has seen one of Steve's divs break.  Chris is moving up, but Mike is lagging behind.
Jim's cav has moved to the right to flank Steve's.  Mark's phalanx is trying to get at Chris's div before Mike can get up.
 Steve's countermove of galloping up close & throwing javelins with 6's has broken one of Jim's cav divs.  Mark's initial attack on Chris was beaten off, but his mercenary hoplites have now joined.  Mike is lapping around Mark's right flank.
 Steve has mopped up the cavalry fight but his own survivors are in pretty bad shape.  Marks hoplites are doing well in the centre while his right has fallen back to cover their flank.
Steve has fallen back to rally his cavalry.  Chris' div has lost a phalanx and is hard pressed.  Mark has got in a flank attack on Mike's hoplites.  The battle is in the balance.
Every division on the table is in bad shape, with most units on both sides shaken.  Mark could be winnign the battle here, but Chris' peltasts are holding out against his hoplites  on the far side while Mike's hoplites, though disordered by the flank attack are hanging on on this flank.
After a hard fought battle between evenly matched armies & generals, in the end the dice Gods decided.  Chris' peltasts beat Marks' hoplites while Mike's hopites beat Mark's peltasts leaving all 5 divs left on the field verging on breaking.  All it took was a few javelins from Mike's skirmishers causing a break test on a shaken phalanx and it was all over for Mark & Jim.

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