Sunday, October 02, 2016

Bolt Action V2 Clinic at Good Games

This afternoon I'd organised a Bolt Action V2 training day in preparation for Operation Cromwell VI, the Bolt Action Tournament I'm running at Good Games on the 15th.  There were over a dozen people turned up, most of them playing.  We had 3 tables set up, one was used for 2 game sin succession, another for a doubles game.

I found that I didn't have to do much training.  Most of the blokes were well across the rules & a good attitude in playing the game.  One of them seemed to have memorised them - he seemed to be able to quote them verbatim.  Most of them had their own armies, either fully painted or close to it.  Only one had to borrow one of mine.  He did quite well with it too - he didn't even get my Cromwell "Toasted".  There were no dramas with V2. 

Good Games have made Wednesday nights Bolt Action & Konflict 48 nights - alternating weeks.   This Wednesday is a Bolt Action night.

We have 22 entries for Operation Cromwell & Mike at Good Games thinks we have a good chance of getting a full house of 24 by the day.  6 different covens of wargamers are represented.   I have had plenty of offers of help with the terrain, there is plenty of enthusiasm & all looks good for the event. 

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