Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bolt Action v2 Tank War

Mike set up an assymetrical scenario on the big table with 2000 pts of US v. 1500 pts of Germans.  The Germans (Jim & Steve) deployed first totally hidden with positions marked on a map.  The US (Mark & Chris) then deployed within 12" of their table edge.
The Germans also had most of their force on their right.  But then the US deployed entirely on their right.  This meant two panzerschrek teams hiding behind the house & wood on the far side of the creek faced most of the US army & the rest of the Germans had to re-deploy. The Stug came of the the wood to move to the left, it's commander not seeing the M10 on the road behind the wood - which moved out and popped it first shot.
The Tiger showed itself in the centre, but an 88 is no good if doesn't hit the target.  German infantry has advanced in the centre  (& still out of sight to the enemy so not on the table) behind the house on the right. The panzerschreks on the left eihter missed their targets or failed to penetrate.
The GI's have mopped up the panzerschreks & the Tiger stands alone against the swarm of allied cans. The German infantry is clearing the wood in the centre of bazookas.
The Tiger has finally actually hit something & a M10 is burning, but it still faces 3 Shermans & an M10.  The US left has been cleaned up.
On turn 7 the Shermans got lucky, set the Tiger on fire & the crew failed morale & bailed out.

The US claimed victory on the grounds that they had destroyed half the enemy units. But the Germans felt they had done pretty well in still holding half the table & destroying as many enemy as they lost despite the odds against them and awful dice rolling in their anti-tank shots.  But we all had a good time anyway.

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