Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Battle at Salem Church 3rd May 1863

This is a scenario I found on the net based on a small action on the way to Gettysburg.  The Rebs have to hold the church at the vital crossroads against the Union attack.  
The Rebs (Mike & Steve) deploy first with one division of 5 vet inf, 1 cav & a gun.  They can deploy anywhere on their half of the table, but chose to take up a defensive position around the church.  Three Union divisions were then deployed (by Mark & Chris) within 12" of their baseline. 2 have 5 regular inf, the centre one has 2 reg inf & 2 guns.
As the Union advance slowly with the usual delays of a Command Rating of 8, another division of 4 veteran Rebel infantry arrives at the earliest possible time..
On the near flank the Rebel's 2nd div has advanced into rifle range  & driven back the head of the Union column.  On the far flank the Rebel cavalry has popped out from behind the woods.
On their right the Union struggle to deploy under fire.  On their left they have forced the cavalry to retire & resumed their advance.  Both sides have another division of 4 inf coming onto the field by the main road.  The Union 2 move slater than they could have, the Rebels as early as possible.
 The Rebel counterattack continues on this flank while their 3rd division moves to the right.  In the centre, hot Rebel fire is keeping the Union pinned down in the woods.
On this flank the tables have turned as the Rebs over committed and got outflanked.  In the centre the Union 4th division has deployed.
The Rebel left has now broken, but the victorious Union div is in no condition to advance.  In the centre the Union still haven't been able to get an attack organised, though their artillery is causing some serious damage.   Attempts to get the Rebel 3rd div to attack on the far flank have failed due to poor Command dice. 
The Rebel left has broken and the units on this side of the church have been Shaken or Broken by the Union artillery.   Finally the Union have got an attack organised in the centre, but the first charge has been stopped by Rebel fire. 
The attempt to resume the attack on the centre resulted in a blunder - which fortuitously turned into a successful charge back up the hill that broke the remaining Rebel infnatry unit this side of the church, but the pause in the attack was critical as it allowed the Reb's fresh 3rd division to be brought across from the right to cover the flank.  The Union advance ran out of steam with almost all their units now shaken.  The Union conceded.

While the Rebel position looked daunting with a line of veterans on the ridge, the Union came very close to victory.   The rebel counterattack on this flank looked scary, but they got a bit carried away and it ended badly.   The Union never got their left properly organised but the Rebs couldn't organise a counterattack there either.   However, in the end that failure left the Reb 3rd div perfectly placed to reinforce their failing left & save the day.


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