Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Salem Church again

Mike & Steve who were the Confederates last week wanted to prove that their victory was the resut of their brilliant tactics & not because the scenario was unbalanced as claimed by a certain Union general.  The Union commanders of last week had other duties this week but I took over the Confederates.
This time the Union came rapidly forwards in columns 
Steve shakes the Union left out into line just outside of rifle range.  Mike is moving the Union right around the empty Rebel left.  Unlike lastw eek the Reble reserves are late.   
The 2nd Confederate division arrived in the nick of time to deploy in the cornfield to face Mike.  On this flank Steve is closing on the enemy.  The Rebs advance in front of the church to put flanking fire on the two Union attacks.
The 4th Union division has arrived on the far side of the table as fierce firefights go on on both flanks.
 Mike's attack on the far flank has bogged down, but Steve is lapping around the Rebel right.
The 3rd Rebel division has turned up and forms a reserve behind & in the church.  The Rebel right is in trouble.
Both side's right flank divisions have broken.  A confederate cavalry unit has turned up behind the Union left flank, has dismounted & is making a nuisance of itself shooting up the gunners from behind& disrupting Steve's preparations for renewal of the attack.  Mike is trying to deploy the 4th division under the fire of the Rebel gun on the other side of the church as the Rebel left is getting reorganised after it's victory.
Steve has seen off the cavalry and has renewed his attack on this flank.  The Rebs are advancing on the far flank.
By now almost every division on both sides is close to half strength.  The Rebs only have to take out the isolated & shaken Union unit in the wood on Mike's right to break his division & win the battle.  But poor Rebel command dice (despite having the CIC there to help) & good Union Break throws are allowing the Union unit to fall back & survive.  Meanwhile Steve is closing in on the Rebel right.
Mike's exposed unti has escaped back to the next wood and now a ring of Union fire has stopped the Rebel advance.  The church is being pounded by artillery fire and the shaken infantry behind it are facing the last fresh unit on the table.
The Rebs behind the church have broken and with them the Rebel army.

So the blokes proved their point, it was indeed possible for the Union to win the scenario, though a spirited Rebel defence made them work hard for it & the casualties on both sides were dire.  Every division not broken is on half strength with few units not shaken.  But it was a ripper little battle with a good plan of attack meeting a good defence that got down to who would throw the next bad Break dice.   

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