Sunday, September 11, 2016

Bolt Action V2 Doubles

Darryn's Brit Inf + Chris' US Armour
Frankie's Falshirmjager + Jim's Panzers
Both sides had a 1,000 pts infantry platoon & a 1,000 pts tank platoon.
The Brit inf face the Panzers on this end of the table & the US tanks face the FJ's at the other end.
The scenario is based on the Tank War scenario.  There are objectives on each road junction & 6" in from the roads going off the short ends of the table - so 8 objectives, 4 held by each side at the start.  The side holding the most objectives wins.  If tied on objectives the side with the least units lost wins provided they lost at least 2 less.
Under our doubles system, we use two dice bags, one for each end of the table, but crossing the centreline & targeting enemy of the other platoon was allowed.  The two pairs of players draw command dice at their own pace, but if engaging enemy of the platoon they announce this & other pair pause while this is done.  The pair finishing the turn first wait for the other pair before starting the next turn.  We find this works really well & allows large battles to be finished in good time.  (This 2,000 pt battle took 3 hours including learning time for the two newbies).
Initial deployment was unit by unit as command dice were drawn.  Units being placed within 24" of own baseline without any firing. (A system we ahve been using for a while, but is used in some of the new scenarios in V2). 
We used the V2 rules we have gleaned from advance publicity.
The 3 MkIV's were deployed in the centre face to face with the British Churchill.  Most of the FJ's were also deplyed near the centre with a Hanomag on both flanks & Frankie's Stug on the left.  The US platoon with 3 Shermans, an M5 full of GI's & a jeep with a bazooka team are on the far end.  The Brits are on their left flank.
The battle split into 3 fights.  A tank fight in the centre, an infantry fight right of centre & armoured infantry on far flank.  Apart from the Churchill being immobilised on the first shot, the tank fight was largely indecisive for a while as the Germans mostly failed to hit & the US failed to penetrate.  The British barrage was called down on the MkIV's, but the new Friendly Fire rule spread the effect over both sides.  The Germans eventually lost a MkIV to the bazooka & with the help of the Stug the Shermans were eventually destroyed.
On the far flank the M5 took the objective on the road.  The FJ Hanomag went over to take it back on with support by the Stug.
On this side the Brits generally did best in the fire fight, without gaining a decisive advantage.   
On this side, a MkIV has moved to engage the Humber which has already popped the FJ's Kuberwagon.  On the far flank the Stug popped the M5 forcing the GI's out & down where the FJ's & vehicle MG42's could mow them down.  The FJ's have recaptured that objective.

At the end of turn 6 the Allies conceded defeat & we agreed not to bother with turn 7.  Both sides still held their original 4 objectives with no prospect of taking another, but the Germans were way ahead on the units destroyed count & with the US tank platoon totally destroyed they had no chance of coming back.

Again we had no difficulty using the about 20 V2 changes we know about.  They are incremental improvements that iron out kinks in V1 without really changing the way you play the game.  We only had to use about half of them in this battle anyway.  The most noticeable changes are:
- Friendly Fire is randomised - it was stupidly overdone in v1.
- MGs more effective (they were underpowered before).
- The Rally Command is actually worth using.
- Staying Down into the next turn can now be worth doing.
- Transports have a co-driver to work the MG (makes them worth having).

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