Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bolt Action V2 - with the new book now here

Steve probably has the only copy of V2 in Tasmania & we had this in hand today for another v2 practice battle.   
Steve's German vets are on the other side of the table facing Chris' Soviets on this side in a Meeting Engagement.
The open ground gave the Germans a bit of an advantage  with their superior fire power v. the Soviets better close in ability.  Steve took full advantage and inflicted decisive casualties on the advancing Soviets for small loss to himself.

While they were fighting I was studying Steve's V2 rule book.   I was pleased to find that our pre-release intelligence was pretty well on the money & the actual book brought no surprises and has not invalidated any of what we learned in our earlier V2 games.

But time spent on the Warlords forum last night had been a bit disconcerting - actually annoying.  I was reminded why I don't follow forums much - they are full of idiots shooting their mouths off before bothering to gather the facts or to actually think.   Some is the usual Whaaah! The've nerfed my favourite piece of cheese!   Most is seeing problems that either just aren't there or are easily resolved with a little common sense.    For instance, some are having conniptions thinking that the templates won't work because bases aren't standardised.  A quick experiment with infantry on different base sizes soon shows that base size makes bugger all difference.  For guns, it's no big deal to compare bases before starting, & if different agree on say 1" hits 2 crew & 2+" hits all of them for guns on both sides. 

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