Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bolt Action V2 Doubles Double Envelopment

Jim's Brit Armour + Sean's US inf
Matt & Steve's Germans
We used a British army list for half of the Allies because we were short of Allied command dice.  They faced off against Matt's infantry force with a distressing (for the Brits) amount of a/tank.
In the Double Envelopment Scenario VPs are gained 1 for each enemy unit destroyed, 2 VPs for getting a unit 12" past the centreline & 3 VPs for getting a unit off the enemy's table edge.
This is the Allied left where 5 Allied units face 10 German.  
On the Allied right the unit numbers are more even, but US have a Sherman 105 & an armoured car while the Germans have no vehicles at all.   
On this flank the Germans got 4VPs for destroying units & Allies 2VPs for destroying untis, but no one got over the line to get VPs for taking ground. The Germans got 1 tank with a P/schreck, 1 with a Pak 38, the HT wit a P/faust & overwhelmed the Paras with firepower from multiple units.  The Brits only saving grace is that they held the line for long enough.  (Though we went 7 turns to make up for teh larger table).
On the other flank, the king was the Jumbo Sherman which couldn't miss with it's medium howitzer & killed more Germans on it's own than the rest of the army.  But no one gained any positional VPs & the US got only 1 more kill in total so this flank was a draw. 

The V2 rule that we think makes the most difference is the -2 to hit for Down troops.  It can make it much harder to finish units off. but it also makes more units go down as it provides so much more benefit - which provides tactical opportunities if you're smart enough & brave enough to take them.  The templates make the HE less variable, but the effect is on average much the same - maybe a bit better for smaller weapons.

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