Sunday, September 04, 2016

Bolt Action V2

Steve's Germans fought Jim's Brits in our second premature go at V2 using the changes we have picked up on off the net, not having the new book yet.  This time we played the Sectors Scenario.  In this scenario the units are deployed in opposing quarters of the table being deployed as command dice are drawn (the same system that we have been using in some of our home made scenarios). VPs are gained for destroying enemy units (1 VP), for having your units in the neutral quarters at the end (1 VP) and for having units in the enemy's deployment zone at the end (3VPs)
The Brits are on the left, the Germans on the right. 
The Brits pushed infantry, a 25pdr & a bug forward on their left and in the centre advanced to take over the hamlet & fields.  The Germans advanced on both flanks while putting firepower pressure on the British centre.
On the British left, the bug was knocked out by a Panzerfaust, but grenadiers were also destroyed leaving the remains of the Brit infantry there unopposed.  The centre was a site of mutual destruction.  On the German left the Brits were being badly cut up by the advancing Germans & mortar fire

At the end of turn 6 both sides had 10 VPs, but the dice gave us a turn 7.  In that turn the Germans finished the destruction of the British right, but couldn't quite reach the British zone for bonus VPs.  On the other flank the surviving Brit inf got over the road into Germans territory & survived the German fire.  In the centre, the Brit HQ used the last move of the game to move over the line into German territory.  The last turn German gains in destruction were neatly balanced by the British gains in position & the VPs remained at 10 each.  The German's sound & well executed plan to gain VPs by destroying the enemy was neatly balanced by the British sound and well executed plan to gain ground.

There could well be more rules changes we don't know about, but what we know about worked fine.   The main issue we thought we needed the new book for was the templates for artillery - not that we think it doesn't work - it just needs more explanation than we have gained so far.   Otherwise our impressions of V2 are all favourable.  The changes are don't change the way you play the game, but remove most of the annoying issues we had with V1.  They certainly make the BoltAction.Net amendments redundant as most of them are included (or near enough). 

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