Friday, September 16, 2016

Bolt Action V2 at Good Games

Chris' Japs v. Jim's Ozzies: 1000 pts No Man's Land scenario

While only Steve has actually got his V2 book so far, we did have a V2 QRS to work with this time.
This scenario starts with a deployment turn where units not in reserve are placed in your deployment zone 12" + from the centre line.  The Japanese are on the right.  
 After  couple of turns of long range shooting the Australians are now advancing all along the line.
A Fubar has slowed the Oz advance on the far flank & Japanese fire has stopped the advance on this flank, but they are pushing forward in the centre. 
The Australian attack is gaining momentum now as they close in on pinned down Japanese to finish them off. 
By the end of turn 6 the Japanese have had a win on this flank, but they don't have much else left.  It's a decisive win for the Aussies.

We only just discovered one of the most serious changes - that going Down is -2 to hit.   Some people have expressed the fear that this combined with the greater ease of Rallying would make the game indecisive, but units that are avoiding death by going Down can't be shooting back & this provides you with the chance to get in close to finish them off.  Once the Aussies realised this in this battle the Japanese soon melted away.

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