Wednesday, September 21, 2016

American Civil War

Nick, Chris & James.  14 regular inf, 3 rifled cannon.  3 divs + CIC CR 8
Mark & Mck Shevak. 12 vet inf & 3 Napoleons. 3 divs + CIC CR 9.

I had  a busy day & didn't have time to plan anything so we fought a simple encounter battle on teh terrain left over from late weekend's BA.
The forces both deployed to the right leaving each overlapped onthe left.  The Union are on the left.  
As the Union advanced around their left flank, the Rebs took up a defensive L shaped positionwith a house at the corner.
On the far flank the Union left stand back, but get pounded by the Rebel artillery.  On this flank the Union have pounde the house with artillery & have now launched their attack with the infnatry.
The Rebel divisons defending their left came within a couple of bad Break Tests of breaking, but Mark was having one of his good dice nights & held on until Mike sent 2 infantry units across from their right to countattack in the centre.  Then Mark threw a flurry of sixes in one turn and suddenly the battle turned, and the Union too was on the verge of defeat as their attack ran out of unshaken units. 
Nick's division on the Union right broke, then finally the Union artillery broke the Rebel centre.  With almost all the units left on the table now shaken & time running out, the players agreed on a draw. 

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