Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Flames of War

Next weekend the Kingston Bunker Rats are running a Late War Flames of War doubles tournament.  SteveJ & I are going to be Kampfgruppe Kromwell.  We haven't played FOW since the last tournament so had a practice game last night to remind us of the rules.

Each force comprises two coys totalling 2500 pts.  Steve commanded one our proposed German coys and I commanded one of British coys I'd worked out in case we needed to be Allied to balance the Axis v. Allied.  We fought a simpel Free for All Mission.  The Germans are on the far side of the table
Things went bad on the Germans as soon as the firing started.  Steve couldn't even kill an M10 with his Panthers while the Brits couldn't miss as they wiped out his AA with .50cals and his Recon with Cromwells.
It only got worse for the Germans as the M10's won the firefight with the Panthers with a little help from flanking Cromwells.  The Germans failed morale saving the Brits from having to finish of the Panzergrenadiers on the objectives.

This did not bode well for our chances next weekend, but we can only hope we have better luck then Steve had last night.

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