Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Wars of the Roses - Hail King Richard

We did have a Diadochi campaign battle to fight tonight, but with 6 players present we decided it could could wait & it would be more entertaining to do something that all could be involved in.  The battles were all different, but the sum total of types in each side was about equal.  Jim, Mark & Chris lined up for York, Mike, SteveJ & Renfrey fought for Lancaster. At Molesworth on Saturday we used Hail Caesar, this time we used our Medieval variant, Hail King Richard.
The Lancastrians are on the left side of the table.  For York, Jim is on the left, Mark in the centre, Chris on the right.  All leaders are 8's  with no CIC on either side.
On the near side Jim's knights moved left causing Steve to retire his left fearing being outflanked.  The move was intended as a feint & as such suceeded admirably, but the ruse came to nought when the division failed command for the next four turns.  On the far flank, Mike's knights charged right across the field to attack Chris' men at arms while Chris knights refused to move to help them.  Mark tried to advance to counterattack Mike's battle before Renfrey could advance but also repeatedly failed command.
On the far flank Mike's knights have ridden down Chris' men at arms & have turned right to attack the Yorkists' rear, driving Chris' knights back.  Mark has moved forward, but failed all command tests to turn to face Mike.  On the near flank, Jim's knights finally got an order to move right to support his comrades, but his foot remain rooted to the spot.   Meanwhile Steve & Renfrey's battles have moved rapidly forward.
Jim's knights have got into the action in the centre saving Mark's rear from Mike's knights.  Chris' archers are holding on to the wood against Mike's men at arms.  Mark is under great pressure from Renrey & Steve's battle has again had good command dice to move right up to Jim's infantry.
Chris' battle is down to half strength, but holding on.  Mark's battle is almost broken in the centre.  Jim's infantry tried to attack their way out of trouble, but numbers are prevailing against them.
Mark's battle is broken, Chris's is still hanging on.   Jim's remaining knights have been brought back from the centre & have broken some men at arms, but a ring of bowmen has stopped their momentum & the whole battle is now shaken, though not broken.
Chris' battle has finally broken and with it the Yorkists also break.  Renfrey was inordinantly pleased with himself, though the Yorkists were convinced that the result had more to do with the command dice than Lancastrian tactics.

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Phil said...

Sounds like a wonderful battle!