Tuesday, May 23, 2017

1908 Campaign in Spain: Battle of Toledo 2nd day

Overnight the two armies remained on the field & reorganised.
At dawn the British renewed their attack though the village & on both sides of it. 
The renewed British attack did not go well - there were just too many Frogs. 
When the renewed attack began to falter, Wellesley, suspecting that Victor was going to arrive sometime during the day began an orderly withdrawal.

Losses over the two days were significant, but not heavy for either side. There have been units broken, but no brigades.  The Brits managed to withdraw in good order before Victor arrived, but while Joseph's army recovers from the battle on the battlefield, Victor's fresh corps has set off in pursuit.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Wow looks EPIC :)

Gonsalvo said...

"In the Grand Manner" indeed! Are buildings paper?

Jim Gandy said...

The buildings are Dave Graffam paper terain.