Sunday, May 21, 2017

Flames of War: Kingston Kup 2017

The Kingston Bunker Rats held their annual Flames of War tournament this weekend at Good Games.  Attendance was rather down this year with only 12 entrants.   I was the only Camp Cromwell rep this time.  FOW v4 came out a month or so ago so this will presumably has been the last hurrah for v3.  It will be interesting to see if V4 gives FOW a resurgence or it's on a down hill slide.  The theme for this event was Barbarossa - Russian Front Early War.
Mitzi helped me pack my Schurtzen Coy.
The Good Games Cafe/Bar venue excellent for a small tournament.  They could cope with a larger one by overflowing into the games space behind their shop next door. 
As always the Bunker rats provided good looking tables.
I won one, lost two close fights I could have won with better luck, lost one to the eventual winner who was just too bloody good & lost one in a combination of mission, table & enemy that gave me no chance.  But two quick losses made it less tiring than usual & I enjoyed collecting my first wooden spoon. 

Andrew Oates from the Monday Knights came 1st, Smithy from the DAK came 2nd & the Monday Knights from Melbourne won the club prize (all pretty much the usual result).

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