Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Campaign in Spain 1809: Battle of Peuto Lapice

After the battle of Miajadas on Day 15, Cuesta retreated south to lick his wounds while the victorious Victor re-established line of communication with Madrid & marched east up the valley of the Guadiana to Cuidad Real where he turned north for Madrid.  But he then found Vanagas blocking his route, deployed in a strong positon at the village of Peuto Lapice with a lightly wooded ridge on each side.
The Spanish are on the right.  Troops out of sight of the French are not on the table.  The French have 6 infantry brigades & a cavalry brigade.  The Spanish 5 infantry brigades & 2 cavalry brigades.  The round trees represent olive groves.  The hills are covered in open woods.
Th elast French to arrive is their cavalry on their right flank.
Victor has launched his attack on the Spanish right with 3 infantry brigades.  The Spanish cavalry has appeared hiding in the woods on that flank.  It has advanced to meet the French as an infantry brigade is marched from the central reserve to the the right. is
On the far flank the French infantry made short work of the 2 Spanish cavalry brigades & then broke an infantry brigade as well.  But they didn't get all their own way, the Spanish defence managed to break a French brigade.
The 5th Spanish infantry brigade has been revealed on the near flank where the Spanish started a counterattack but then thought better of it and fell back again.
The French have broken through on the Spanish right and are wrapping around the flank of the remaining Spanish army which will Break if it loses another brigade.  But the Spanish hold on until nightfall.

For the third time the French have defeated a larger Spanish army, but not decisively.  Having held on until nightfall, Vanagas should be able to make a retreat overnight with his army still capable of fighting.

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