Tuesday, July 04, 2017

English Civil War

Mike's Royalist force had 3 infantry brigades of 2 pike & 4 shot plus 2 cavalry brigades of 4.
Jim & Mitch's Parliamentarians had a infantry brigade of 2 large pike & 2 large shot, 2 more the same plus 1 standard shot plus 2 cavalry brigades of 4.
 The parliamentarians are on the left.
Both sides try to advance with varying degrees of success.  The parliamentary musketeers moving into the field subsequently throw such poor command dice that they get charged in flank by Cavaliers & ridden down.  
The Cavalier attack over the river has been counterattacked by pikes & is being driven back.  On the far flank, the Royalists have been driven back over the creek by musket fire.
The Cavaliers tried to force the river, but were driven back by the Roundhead horse & the battle has turned into a firefight with musket & pistol across the creek all along the line. 

On the near flank another Cavalier attack over the creek has been repulsed., but one of the pike blocks has been broken by musket & pistol fire.   The Parliamentary CIC is leading a cavalry unit from the centre to plug the gap.  In the centre the Royalists have crossed the creek.  The Roundhead horse charged them, but they formed hedgehog.  The Roundheads have fallen back behind their foot.
On the near flank the Roundhead horse have counterattacked over the creek & broken one Cavalier brigade.  In the centre the Royalists broke out of hedgehog, the Roundheads charged again, but with poor command dice didn't charge home.  On the far flank the Parliamentarians are on top, but the Royalist brigade just keep passing their Break Tests. 
The Parliamentary infantry around the farm has been broken by musket & pistol fire.  On the far flank the Royalist brigade surviving numerous Break Tests any one of which would have broken it until the Parliamentarians ran out of puff then broke on their first opportunity to do so.  The remaining Parliamentary infantry in the centre followed suit at their first opportunity.  That was 3 divisions out of 5 broken & game over for Parliament.

It was frustrating game for the Parliamentarians - one of those where they could only throw high for command & low for break tests while the Royalists did the opposite. 

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Gonsalvo said...

That's quite a lot of ECW troops on the table! The Parliamentarians ought to get an up one for fighting a Camp Cromwell - Seriously!