Sunday, July 02, 2017

Operation Sudlicht: Bolt Action Tournament

This weekend the Devonport Gaming Club ran Operation Sudlicht - a 3 round Bolt Action Axis v. Allies tournament.   There were 14 players plus a non playing TO & tongmaster for the lunch BBQ.  7 players traveled from Hobart & 1 from Launceston.  The scoring system was 15 pts for a win, 10 for a draw, 5 for a loss plus bonus points for killing the enemy’s CO or preserving yours, killing the enemy’s biggest unit or preserving yours & for getting units within 12” of the enemy’s baseline. 
The club has a permanent HQ at the Devonport Showground with 2 large rooms.  
Round 1 was a Meeting Engagement.  My Panzergrenadiers fought Sean's commandos on a table of ruins & bomb craters that provided lots of hard cover (the closest table in this pic).  All that cover made the game largely matter of 6's & 6's, but a British attack on my left flank with Smg'd commandos supported by a Sherman racked up some casualties on both sides as we bashed each other into a high scoring draw.

Round 2 was the Key Positions scenario - against Soviets.  In our table there were 3 objectives which we placed on a diagonal, 1 in a fox hole on each of our right flanks & 1 on the bridge in the middle of the table.  (I’m not sure which part of the eastern front had tropical vegetation).  The table suited my plethora of firepower & when a faust took out the T34/85 a big win for the Bad Guys became inevitable.

Round 3 was Point Defence, my PG's defending against another British force.  My PG’s just managed to hang on to all 3 objectives even though we went to 7 turns.

The Axis won round 1, but the Allies won rounds 2 & 3 & won the war.
The Hobart Good Games/Camp Cromwell players scooped the pool:
Sean Devendish won Best Allied General with 2 wins & a draw.
I won best Axis General with 2 wins & a draw.
Matthew Devendish’s Finns won best painted army. 

It was very well organsied event & everyone clearly enjoyed themselves and played in a good spirit.  Well done Dennis & the Devonport Gaming Club!

The comp was thoughtfully started at 10am so we Southerners didn't have to get up too early.  It happened to be the coldest night of the year so far & temperatures in the midlands were as low as -8C, but fortunately there was no fog or ice on the road.  I stayed overnight rather than risk driving home tired & enjoyed taking the scenic route back over the plateau - which was a bit warmer than the day before, but not much.  When I had a rest break some of my panzergrenadiers also got out into what was for them all too familiar surroundings.


Truscott Trotter said...

Congratulations Oberluitenant Gandy we need more men like you. ..... on the eastern front! ;)

Dennis Berwick said...

Nice write up Jim, Glad you enjoyed the day! o7