Saturday, July 08, 2017

Friday afternoon Bolt Action at Good Games

John Mumford gave his Soviets a run against my Operation Sudlicht Panzergrenadiers in a Hold Until Relieved Scenario.
In this Scenario the defender places 2 units near the objective in the centre of the table, the attackers put as many units as they want on the table over 18" from the deployed defenders.  The defenders have up to half in their first wave.  The remaining units on each side are in reserve.

The Germans defended & Hitler's buzzsaws initially decimated the Soviet hordes, but the arrival of soviet light armour festooned with MGs from reserve somewhat turned the tide & a last desperate charge by NKVD fanatics came within a dice roll of taking the objective as they charged through the village taking it house by house.  But they ran out of men fighting for the last house & with no infantry left the Soviets conceded.

The success of Operation Sudlicht has kick-started preparations for Operation Cromwell 2017 = Bolt Action Tournament at Good Games.  I'll be sending out a flyer as soon as we have confirmed the date in September/October.

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