Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bolt Action in the Desert

My shipment of a Italians arrived on Monday afternoon & were ready for action within 24 hours.  Steve gave them their first battle with a British force in a  Surrounded Scenario.
The Italians defended & had to place half their force within 12" of the centrepoint with the rest in reserve.  The Brits had half in their first wave coming in from the right, the rest in reserve.  All reserves can come in on any table edge but not the same one as the last enemy reserve.  
The Bersaglieri looked great in the palm grove, but looked better than they fought & were destoryed by a Brit squad in hand to hand. 
The Battle ended in a draw.  The Brits lost a bug & a 25 pdr to the Semovente, a MMG to mortar fire & an infantry squad to rifle, mmg & mortar fire.  The Ities lost the Semo to the Honey, Sahariana to infantry fire & a Bersgaieri quad to assault.  The Honey was the Brits MVP, taking out the Semo, then only some good Italian luck & a well placed 1st Lt saved the Fucilieri from its assault.

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