Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Bolt Action in the Desert

I had to give my new Italians another run after their drawn battle last week v. Steve.   Tonight Mitch assisted me with the Italians v. Mark's Brits while Steve umpired. 
We fought Hold Until Releived, Brits attacking from the left in this pic (& from the far side in the next two).  2 Bersaglieri squads defended the hill at the start.  2 Fucilieri came on behind them.  Another fucieliri s flank.  Another Fucilieri, a Semovente & a Saharana came on this flank & light artillery, mmg & ATR supported on the right.  On the far flank the Brits had a mortar & 25 pdr off shot in cover on a hill & 2 infantry squads.  On this flank they had 2 infantry & an ATR.  In the centre they had 2 bugs, mmg, observer & HQ.  
The Bersaglieri on the objective went down and stayed that way for the duration as the Brits threw everything at them.   The Fucileri on the left were destroyed by an assault after the Italian vehicles turned to support the centre & the Saharana was shot up by a bug.  But the Italian right did it's support job - taking out the 25pdr & mortar & when the Fucilieri took out the ATR the Brits were left without any anti-tank - leaving the Semovente king of the field holding the objective along with a few surviving Bersaglieri.   But the Brits also had a few survivors within 3" of the objective, so the battle was a draw - a fair enough result for an entertaining & exciting battle.

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Phil said...

Great looking terrain!