Saturday, August 26, 2017

Bolt Action Tank Wars Tourney at Area 52

There were 5 Axis & 5 Allied players in this Axis v. Allies event with 1250 pt tank platoons.  Because Tank Wars games are much faster than Infantry games the comp had 4 rounds & there were all done before 4.30.

The scenarios were subtle variations on the standard Tank War scenario.  After the 1st round attacker/defender was determined by which side was on top.  As is historically correct, the Germans won the first round then it was all downhill & the Allies won overall.  Points were 15 for a win, 5 for a loss plus 2-5 bonus points for different things in different rounds.  eg: destroying the enemy's most expensive tank, keeping more than half your force alive, totally destroying the enemy, killing 3 vehicles with one weapon. 

I won my first two games against US forces comfortably.  Derick did give me a free kick by attacking his own force with his own air twice.   But in game 3 I ran into young Jim's Soviet horde - a formidable list with a general who knew how to use it on table that gave me little cover.  I needed some luck & got none of it.  Game 4 was against a very different Soviet force - with some big tanks.  In this round the scenario was varied by Allies as the leading side being deemed to be short of petrol & the Germans as the losing side, short of ammo.  As our fight progressed the Soviets ran out of petrol while the Germans ran out of ammo - providing an interesting twist which the Germans managed better to pull off a win.

Young Jim was unstoppable & won Best General overall & Best Allied.  Matt was best Axis General (possibly fortunate in the draw letting off fighting young Jim's horde).  I was third overall & 2nd Axis, just 3 VPs behind Matt.
There was a good variety of terrain with several contibutors.  I thought Sean's table was the best (& not just because I won on it).

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