Tuesday, February 12, 2019

American War of Independance

Chris bought a bunch of AWI miniatures cheap at Cancon, which brought our numbers of AWI figs up to Hail whoever level so we had our first AWI using Hail Frederick ratehr than Musket Action.

British (Mike & Chris):  British infantry brigade of 6, 2 Hessian Brigadesof 4, 6 Indian bands, 2 Light Dragoons & 2 guns.
French & Colonials: 1 French brigade of 6, 1 Colonial brigade of 6, one of 4, 2 guns, 6 Woodsmen, 3 cavalry.
The Brits are on the left.
The only Colonial advance was to move their woodsmen forward through the woods on the far side of the table.  The Brits advanced on the whole front.
The Hessians on the British left are driving the woodsmen back out of the isolate wood, but losing casulaties in the process.
The French cavalry have fallen back to avoid arrows from the wood.
The British regulars are preparing to attack the Colonials on the ridge.
The French regulars have deployed along the treelines & are waiting for the Hessians
Indians & woodsmen are skirmishing the far woods.
The French cavalry charged.  The Indians evaded back into the woods & the British cavalry countercharged.
The Britsh attack on the ridge failed miserably due to unusually good shooting by the colonials.
The Hessians in the centre were stopped then broken by French fire. 
Outflanked by French cavalry the British regulars have withdrawn.
Outflanked on the right by the French &their left by woodsmen, the surviving Hessians are also withdrawing.
The British conceded the battle.

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