Tuesday, February 05, 2019

English Civil War: Scots v. English

Mark's Scots deployed first with most of his troops map deployed hidden by a ridge & woods.
2 infantry brigades of 2 pike & 4 shot, a cavalry brigade of 4 lancers & 2 dragoons & a highland brigade of 3 highland mobs & 2 muskteers skirmishers, plus 2 guns.

Jim Chris' English had 2 infantry brigades of 2 pike & 4 shot & 2 cavalry brigades of 4 cavalry & 1 dragoon.
Most of the Scots are out of sight.  The English send cavalry around both flanks with infntry in the centre.
 Dragoons scout the woods to cover teh cavalry advances.  Skirmishers engage the guns. Musketeers attack the Scot's forlorn hope in the farm.
Both cavalry wings find a hedgehog behind the Scottish flank. 
On the far flank it is supported by cavalry.
The highlanders charge over the hill against the English left.
On the English left half their cavlry pin down the hedgehog while the rest ride down the gunners.  The highlanders break the musketeers in the English front line, but are themselves broken by a counterattack by pikes. The English attack right of centre is not doing well, nor is their cavalry on the far flank.
The English have broken thru left of centre, but teh Scots are counterattacking on their left & their cavalry is well on top. 
The English cavalry on the right has broken as has their right flank infantry.  The Scits have lost 1 brigade of 4, the English 2 of 4, so the English fail their army break test.

The Scots thought they had an ok plan & Mark made a pretty good defence resulting a close battle that coudl have gone either way right up to the last turn.

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