Saturday, December 17, 2005

Acton Armoury 17/12/05

MarkO & PeterM with 2x1500 US infantry
Barrie & Jim with 2x1500 Grenadiers
Not one step back scenario.

Niether side were game to launch a serious attack.
The Germans weren't going to throw themselves in the path of 4 large tank platoons - Lees, Shermans & 2xStuarts.
The US weren't game to adavance on the German a/tank guns.
We spend 3 hours sniping at each other before agreeing to a draw.
It did not seem a very appealing scenario - too much disincentive to attack.
Maybe the scenario needs one side to be Russian - big enough platoons to rush over the roads & have someone left when they reach the other side.
Maybe Barrie's Stalingard table is too intimidating with the wide regularly spaced roads - a more convoluted cityscape would have more avenues for attack.
Maybe using the sewer rules would help.
Maybe a HTL would be better in the city - the NOSB scenario is basically FFA.

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Anonymous said...

US forces needed to overwhelem one of the flanks.Sitting back allowing the defender to just sit there doesnt work