Thursday, December 15, 2005

Camp Cromwell 15/12/05

Jim's Indian Infantry + Mariusz's Polish Armour
Barrie's DAK Armour + SteveJ's Grenadiers
2x1500 pts FFA

The Poles Advanced around the German left flank supported by Indians on their inside flank.
On the Allied left both sides pretty well stayed behind a ridge in safety.
The Indian attack drove back the left end of the German line but the Poles were held up by 3 Dianas & 2 Pak 40s until Barrie's Panzers arrived and finished them off.
The Poles failed their Coy Morale Test giving the Germans victory (although the Indians had lost very little).

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Anonymous said...

The poles had thier blood up and were on the double from the beginning of the game .the DAK began to dig themselves in expecting the worst.The indian commander desperatly attempted to coordinate the attack with the poles however speaking polish with an Indian accent must be terribly difficult to understand and the pole threw themseves onto the anti tank positions(no big targets painted on those polish shermans and honeys but lots of DAK antitank gun holes)Lots of dead polish tanks littered the battlefield.