Friday, December 23, 2005

Camp Cromwell 22/12/05

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 22/12/05

Maharajah 2000

Barrie's US Armour v. Jim's Carri
FFA on a 6x4 desert table.

The Ities won the vital dice roll for first turn (despite Barrie's +1).
The swarm rushed forward on the Itie right supported by Lancias in the centre.
The Lancias took out the Lee Platoon while the Semos & M14s took out a Honey platoon.
That left Barrie 2 armour platoons down & up shirt creek before he even got to move.
Although the US got 3 planes on turn 1, and 2 on turn 3, they couldn't do enough damage to stop the swarm over the objective.
The US attack on the Itie left by the other Honey platoon couldn't clear the other objective & it was a 6:1 win for Italia.

This puts Jim in front with 5 wins from 5 & 26 pts.
Chris has 4 from 4 with 21 pts with a game to go against Peter.
The best Allies have just 2 wins (Leigh, Barrie & Peter). Peter has a game in hand.

FOW on the big table (FFA)

Stevesx2 with 2x1000 pt Russian infantry v. PeterM with 2000 pts grenadiers.

The Russians advanced on both flanks.
SteveJ advanced on the right using a wooded ridge and an Oakie quality series of farts as cover, then engaged in a fire fight with the Grenadiers from the edge of the wood while waiting for the SU152s to arrive. One SU got bogged, the other missed the Tiger and got zapped. The Grenadiers failed morale, but the Tiger & MkIII all but wiped out the Ivan inf and it ran back into the wood.
SteveP on the left called off his attack in the face of heavy fire from Grenadiers, Pak 40s & rockets. Peter began a cautious advance. One grenadier was pushed back by Ivan infatntry, but the other destroyed their opposing infantry & with help from the Pak40s went on to take out the KVs clearing a route to their objective.

A hard fought win to the Germans. The game went on 'till 12.30 - window open in a vain quest for fresh air as Steve & Oakie, fuelled by Xmas cheer, appeared to be engaged in duelling banjos. Steve gained an early lead, but Oakie's showed his vast experience and his staying power came through in the end.

Next week

I'm going bush on Monday, but plan to be back on Thursday, so wargames as usual.

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