Sunday, January 01, 2006

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 29/12/05

Tuesday morning 27/12/05

Dillon's US Inf (MarkO mentoring) v. Jim's DAK
1500 pts FFA on big table with a fair bit of terrain.
Dillon got first move & zapped an 88 and a Pak 38 before the Huns could GTG.
After a Hun Grenadier probe was beaten off with heavy loss, the Huns went to ground and waited for the US to attack.
Dillon redeployed his armour to his left where the objective was in the open, and attacked with Honeys supported by Shermans & Infantry.
As the US attack was about to get under way the Huns launched an attack of their own on their objective on the other flank with A/cars & grenadiers.
The US attack's infantry support evaporated under the Heavy Platoon's mortars & mgs, the Shermans were tied up dealing with the 88 & the Dianas doing the Marder shuffle. The Honeys got on the objective, but the surviving Dianas still disputed it.
The 1st A/car attack on the tother flank was replused, but a second attack with the Grenadiers secured this objective while the last Diana held onto the other one.
The US mortars & artillery had one chance to destroy the Huns on the objective but couldn't do it.
Though the Huns were within a whisker of losing, had heavy casulties on everyone & had 3 plats down to 1 team, they had a 6:1 win. Another demo of how dumb the Victory Points system is.

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