Friday, January 06, 2006

Camp Cromwell 05/01/06

Camp Cromwell 05/01/06
FOW 2000pts Hold the Line.

Jim's Fucilieri defending v. 2 Steves' Russian Infantry
The Italians had no 90's but lots of artillery & a/tank guns. Their allies supplied a grenadier plat plus some Pak 40's.
The Ities had 10T34s & 3 KVs to back up the grunts. By agreement, neither side had air.
The Ivans suffered badly in the advance from artillery and gun fire, but as usual once they got to the infantry line they overwhelmed it.
On the Russian left SteveP's infantry cleared a forward Fucileri platoon out of a wood, but were then pounded to death by a hail of artillery and mortar fire.
His T34s had been sent to help SteveJ in the main attack on the forward objective on the Itie left.
The Ities might have held back their Pak 40s a tad too long. They didn't destroy enough T34's before they dived into the wood around the objective and joined the KVs in the big push on the objective, the Ivan infantry having been driven back by a Fucilieri counterattack.
The Grenadiers fell back at the first approach of the KVs, but the lead one bogged in the consolidation. Fucilieri attacked the bogged down platoon & destroyed it.
meanwhile the L6s had snuck forward and finished off the rest of the Ivan infantry.
The Russians passed one coy morale test, but with just a few T34s & their command left, it was only a matter of time. They failed the second time giving the Ities a hard won victory.

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