Saturday, January 14, 2006

SteveP's Place Saturday 14/01/06

Saturday at Pottery Rd

A couple of practice matches for the upcoming Area 52 Tournament.

1. MarkII's Oz Inf defending the Cauldron against SteveP's Russians:
With Mark's reinforcements being slow to arrive, he just didn't have enough bodies at the front to stop the Soviet horde.
A comfortable 5:1 win for Steve in just on 1.5 hours. No Russian platoons lost, though one had taken a hell of a hammering.

2. Jim's Bersaliglieri attacking MarkII's Oz Inf in a Breakthrough:
The Ities pinned down one flank with 90/53s & HMGs while they overwhelmed the other flank with the usual swarm of tin cans & infantry The Ozies did take out the Bersaglieri infantry platoon before their casualties caused Coy Morale failure. A 5:2 win for Italia in less than 1.5 hours.

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