Sunday, January 01, 2006

Camp Cromwell 01/01/06

Mahrajah 2005 match Sunday morning 01/01/06

Nick's US Inf v. Mark's Itie Inf...Hold the Line on small table, Ities attacking.
Mark started with a fearsome blaze of 6's making most of his army fearless.
But after that it was all downhill for the Ities. The Regio Aero came the first 2 turns, but on turn 1 there were no good targets (everything in reserve, in ambush or holed up) & on turn 2, when there were 3 planes, they attacked the wrong side (though didn't do any damage).On the ground, Mark's attacks went well until they made contact with the enemy, then they couldn't kill a thing & got slaughtered in the counterattacks.
The Itie light mortars & semo 75s stopped the counterattacks for a time, but the Itie's only real hope now was a big change of luck with the planes. After many turns of fruitless scanning of the skies, the Stukas finally came back - only to attack the 88's again. By now the ities had no-one over the centreline so it was game over 5:2.
The pic shows high tide of the Itie advance as Nick checks out the Zone-Of-Death in front of the 88s before deploying his ambushes.

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