Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Camp Cromwell 24/01/06

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 24/01/06

MarkII's DOGs v. SteveP's Russians in a FFA

Steve's very spectacular Cossacks charged an objective held by infantry while most of his army kept the Dogs at bay on the other flank. The Cossacks got pinned in the first charge, but survived enemy fire to attack again and win the battle for Mother Russia.

James' Grenadiers defending v. MarkI's US Inf in a Hold the Line

Mark tried to rush the pair of Tigers with his 5 Shermans. With close range shots in the side, they managed just one bail. Retribution was swift and terrible. The US 105's did a lot of damage to the advancing infantry and Pak 40s & the GIs beat off the first Grenadier attack, but a second assault with more Grenadiers, Pioneers and the Tigers took the objective. The US had nothing close enough to counterattack the objective, and could not bring enough fire to bear to clear it. A German victory.

SteveJ's Grenadiers v. Renfrey's Ozzies in a free for All

The Oz advance looked to be taking a pounding, but in the end the Fearless Veterans over-ran an objective & refused to be blasted back off it. A win for Oz.
Both sides had airpower, Steve's managed to wipe a Valentine, Renfrey's mostly didn't show up & if it did the 88s shot it down.

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