Thursday, February 02, 2006

Camp Cromwell 02/02/06

7 punters tonight - 2 Marks, 2 Steves, Peter, Jim & Mariusz.

1. Mariusz's Poles attacking Peter's DAK in a Breakthrough.
The DAKs cries of "DOOM!" started on turn 1 & didn't let up much.
Mariusz actually had some PBI in his army this time, but seemed quite pleased that it didn't even turn up from reserve.
A good win for the Poles (just 1 platoon lost).

2. Steve I's Falshirmjager v. Jim's Ozzies in a Death From Above.
Two armies of Fearless vets can find it hard to kill each other from a distance. But it sure gets deadly when they get in close (noone runs away).
The Huns lost a few in crash landings, then were whittled away by the Valentines & infantry counterattacks.
The Germans ended up relying on holding on with their survivors hoping the Luftwaffe could win the battle.
But the Breda's managed to hold the Stukas at bay long enough for the Ozzies to win the game.
They had to kill every last Hun to do it & lost heavily in the process.

3. Steve II's Russians v. Mark I's Grenadiers in a Dawn Attack
Dawn Attack is a FFA which starts in the dark.
Both sides attacked on their left. The KVs were held at bay by big A/tank guns, but the Ivan swarm got their objective a turn before the Huns got to the other one.
Another Commo victory.

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