Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Area 52 FOW Tourney 05/02/06

Camp Cromwell was again the mainstay of the Tourney with 6 of the 8 participants if we claim Chris from Fort Floriet. But there were some new guys, plus some no-shows & spectators who might make it next time.

Steve J showed he saves his best for the Big Occasion by winning again with his Grenadiers.
Chris came second overall & Best General with his Russian Horde (with no tanks).

Results as I remember them - please correct me if I'm wrong.

Round 1: Hold the Line
Jim's Bersaliglieri d. Mark's DOGs
Steve J's Grenadiers d. Matt's US
Steve P's Russians d. Ed's Germans
Chris's Russians d. Maruizs' Poles

Round 2: Breakthrough
Steve J's Grenadiers d. Steve P's Russians
Chris's Russians d. Jim's Bersaliglieri
Mariuzs's Poles d. Marks DOGs
Matt's US d. Ed's Germans

Round 3 Dawn Attack
Steve P's Russians t. Matt's US
Mark's DOGs d. Ed's Germans
Chris's Russians t. Steve J's Grenadiers
Jim's Bersaliglieri d. Mariuzs' Poles

First overall and best historical army: Steve Jendrich, German Grenadiers (2v,1t)
Second overall and Best General: Chris Raine, Russian Strelkovy Battallion (2v, 1t)
Third overall: Steve Page, Russian Strelkovy Battallion (2v, 1t)
4th: Mariusz Rybak: Polish Armour (1v, 2d)
5th: Jim Gandy: Bersagilieri (2v, 1d)
6th: Matt Skalicky: US Infantry (1v, 1t, 1d)
7th: Mark Wilson: DOGs (1v, 2d)
8th: Edward Clay: German Grenadiers (3d)

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