Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fort Floriet 07/02/06

A double header was played this week even without Nick.
Chris's new hills were used, photos next week.
Present: Starn, Corinna, Doug Colbeck, Aggro, Robert & son David, & Chris.
Using the new random scenario table.

Table 1 Free for all.Doug's Finns vs. Starns Russians.A 5-2 win to Doug & his first win in FOW! and only the 3rd outing for his Finns.

Table 2 Dawn attack.Robert & David (newbies) Crusader Light Tank Squadron vs. Corinna German Grenadiers.The British made good use of the darkness to out flank the Germans with the 88's and Tiger being neutralised. The crusaders swept around the Germans right flank using smoke to neutralise the tiger and an 88 when dawn broke on turn 3.The Crusaders overran the 88's and Nebilwerfers with minimal losses. The Crusaders then got a bit side tracked mixing it with the tiger and bailing it. Which had little effect as the crew jumped back in.Planes came frequently in spite of both sides having them, eventually a 4-3 win to Robert & David.

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Nick said...

Someone better get a camera so you can post some pictures :)