Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fort Floriet 21/02/06

Another good turn out with 5 players Starn, Chris, Doug, Aggro & mike a player from Saturdays Napoleonic/warhammer crowd.Due to a severe lack of Allied opponents we decided to play a blue game. Maybe Nazi sympathisers vs regular army.We diced on the new improved table and got a breakthrough scenario.Chris attacking Fallschirmjager (Ground Force) vs. Starn defending Grenadiers.One Fallschirmjager Platoon was kept off table for the flank attack.Starn did a forward deployment along both sides of the quarter the Fallschirmjager were deployed in.Fallschirmjager deployed 2 platoons on left, command in central broken ground, Marders and HMG's holding the right village, Light guns in support of centre.Although it looked tough at the start the 2 platoons of Fallschirmjager advanced taking out a grenadier platoon, rocket battery and an 88 battery for the loss of one Fallschirmjager platoon. The artillery and Mortars kept the rest pinned or smoked and the HMG's did similar on Chris's right.The Grenadiers had some affect weakening the Command platoon in the centre and killing 2 of the HMG stands, which were in a village. One Marder was destroyed before the 88's were taken out.The Tiger did very little except rush back to defend Starns objective, it did kill a couple of reserve infantry stands when the Fallschirmjager reserve came on.A 5-2 win to Chris's Fallschirmjager with Starn failing company moral on turn 6.Conclusion: 1/ The grenadiers inferior moral had some affect on the game. 2/ Having 450pts tied up in air that didnt show and a tiger that did very little, gave an effective 1050pts vs 1500 which told in the end.still a fun game as always with 3 onlookers. No pics sorry no camera!!! Sob sob

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Anonymous said...

who had the 88s 450 for air power.I thought the max air power for grenadiers is 240pts
Fallschirm jaegers cant have 88s midwar