Thursday, February 16, 2006

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 16/02/06

Bulge Scenario: Patton keeps going - US v. Soviets

SteveP & MarkW with Russian Infantry defending v. Jim's US armour & SteveJ's US Mechanised

SteveJ attacked Mark on the US left while Jim attacked SteveP on their right.

SteveJ received a setback when Mark's A/tank guns dropped out of ambush in a wood close up to his Honeys & blew them away. A desperate fight then ensued for Mark's forward objective.
On the other flank, SteveP's pre-emptive strike with 7 T34s looked good for a while, but was destroyed by Shermans, Lees & SP105s.

Jim's Honeys bounced off the infantry but then went around it with the Shermans. This flank attack looked decisive, but 4 SU122s came out of ambush and stopped it dead. Only 2 Honeys escaped back behind a ridge to safety.

SteveP went over to the offensive attacking with infantry & SUs. The Ivan infantry took out the Honeys and went on to assault the 105s, which just held on. The SUs got the 2IC Lee, but an infantry attack drove the SUs back.

By now SteveJ had got the upper hand on his flank and helped Jim out by finishing off the SUs with his M10s.

Mark's Coy failed morale to give the US a hard fought narrow victory.

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