Friday, February 24, 2006

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 23/02/06

Camp Cromwell on Thursday

SteveP's Russian Inf (2000 pts) v. SteveJ's Falschimjager (1000 pts) + Jim's Fucilieri (1,000 pts)
A hold the line with the Russians defending.
Also present for a while, Anton & James.

The Russians defended the forward objective with a big infantry platoon, the rear with their artillery, & held their T34s in ambush.
The Axis deployed with Germans on the right (opposite the forward objective) and Ities on the left.
The Germans moved up & deployed their Pak40s in range of the objective and advanced steadily with their elite infantry.
The Ities deployed their mortars & guns in the centre to give their allies fire support while advancing on their left with infantry & the dreaded L6s.
The Russians got all their reserves in 3 turns, the 2nd Infantry moving to support their mates on the forward objective & the a/t guns & rifles to support the artillery on the rear objective.
The advance of the L6s & Fucilieri on the right spooked the Russians into dropping the T34 ambush a long way from the real action - a fatal mistake.
Itie infantry wheeled right and hit the forward Ivans in flank as the Germans hit them in front with 2 platoons and more coming. The first Ivan platoon was soon destoyed under the combined assault. The second Ivan platoon arrived just in time to take over the line, but in the open they were cut up by fire then finished off by the German infantry. The T34s tried to get over to dispute the objective by cutting through a wood, but a Fucilieri Coy with Passagalia bombs intercepted & stopped them.
An Axis victory by a mean combination of German quality & Itie numbers. The Germans lost 2 platoons, the Russians 2 platoons, the Ities none.
Pic...002 shows the T34s on their Goose chase while the objective is under big pressure on the left.
Pic...003 shows the objective being over-run.

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