Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fort Floriet 28/02/06

Dak Pioneers Chris & Mike (new player) vs Brat Light armour General Nick with sub commander Robert.Free for all. 1500pts eachBrats recon on their far right, 25pounders on their right objective 13 Crusaders on and around left objective 3 crusaders in centre.Deployment see diagram.The Brats advanced across a wide front hoping to kill a double moving DAK platoon in lorries, unfortunately Nicks lack of experience with British he miscaculated the range of the Crusaders and therefore did no damage. Nick failed to smoke the 88 covering the right.The Dak opened fire with 88's, Moving panzer III's & IV's and the Recon jumped in with side shots on some crusaders. The recon got lucky 2 Crusader kills from 2 shots the other 6 crusaders were destroyed by the other Dak forces.Not looking good for the Brats half their tanks destroyed in 1 turn! the Brats retreated and again failed to smoke.Dak killed 2 more tanks and advanced towards the left objective. The brat artillery killed 2 stands of infantry.A fire fight between the Panzer III's and 4 crusaders resulted in 2 Panzer III's surviving and 1 Crusader stationary but alive (Carry on Sergeant). Meanwhile the Panzer IV's advanced on the right hand objective while the left was being threatened and the Brats were near breaking point with no C in C left.Final result 6-1 to the Dak.The Dak losing 2 stands of infantry and 2 Panzer III's.The Brats lost 9 crusader III's, 3 Crusader II's, 3 Crusader CS tanks (one was the C in C) & an observer team.

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