Friday, March 31, 2006

Camp Cromwell 30/03/06

Jim's Kiwi's (750 pts) + Mark & Dillon's US (1750 pts)
Barrie + 2xSteve's Falschirmjager (2500 pts)
Free for all on the big table with Tunisian terrain diced for per K&C.

The Germans dug in with 3 infantry, 3 a/tank, 2 mortars & Itie Semos.
The Kiwis with 2 infantry attacked on the right under cover of their 25pdrs.
The US with 2 infantry, 105's, 37mm a/tank, HMG, TDs, Shermans & Honeys advanced on their left.

After the US infantry advance ground to a halt under accurate mortar fire the US took note of the Kiwi's wingeing & moved their armour towards the centre to support the Kiwi attack. The Kiwis used hills to cover their advance. The main US armour (Shermans) took forever to arrive where it was needed (what's new) so the Kiwis went in with just the Honeys to help. Their first platoon was reduced to 1 but it & the Honeys made a mess of the defending platoon on the objective. The 2nd Kiwis all but finished off the platoon, beat off the Semos then holed up in some ruins giving fire support waiting for the Shermans to show up. Finally the Shermans arrived took the objective and resisted the counterattack from the German reserves to win the battle.

A tough battle, won in the end because once Oakie had gone home the US armour did their stuff - braving the Henschels, passing almost every morale test & throwing shirtloads of good MG dice.
The Henschels came often & scared the hell out of the Yanks, but really didn't do that much against some pretty antsy AAMG fire. (2 hits from 5 aamg, 2 6's for firepower, & 2 more for the re-roll was an extreme example).
The Allied artillery looked fearsome, but like the Henschles couldn't hit anything vital (hard to hit these Germans if they don't move).
Strangely neither side lost a platoon, though plenty on both sides were reduced to 1 or 2 survivors.

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