Friday, March 17, 2006

Camp Cromwell 16/03/06

Counterattack Mission 1600 pts on 6x4 flat desert table

SteveJ's Falshimjager defending v. SteveP & Jim's K&C (Brit+Indians)
The scenario is on the website this week - a modified Cauldron. The Germans started dug in in a tight box on one table edge with half their force. That Empire started with a random deployment but also dug in if they want. The scenario seems pretty well balanced - probably an improvement on the Cauldron.

The Allied inf stormed forward with HMG, bugs, Shermans & a double 25pdr battery ready to provide fire support as soon as the Huns showed their heads. The Germans opened fire immediately with great effect as the Allies threw a pile of 1&2 saves. The Allies returned heavy fire with little effect but the Tommys pressed on and both objectives were quickly over-run under heavy smoke. But the Huns had more infantry handy to counterattack. The unsupported Tommys on the left were overwhelmed, the bugs on the right got flamed and swamped and both objectives were retaken. The Shermans retook the RHS objective. The Falschirmjager which retook the LHS objective survived a 25pdr Murder with zero casualties, then unpinned and counterattacked the Shermans. A recoiless 75 took out one Sherman, the remaining 2 couldn't pin the attackers & were bailed in the assault so the RHS objective changed hands again. Now the Allies poured the fire of 4 HMGs, 8 25 pdrs (direct fire) & 6 infantry onto the exposed defending platoon - 39 dice and they killed no-one. The Indian infantry (delayed & weakened by mortar fire) had finally come up and now charged making their fearsome warcry. It was the last chance for Allied victory, but the curse of the save dice struck again & they took casualties in the charge & failed morale. Next turn the Allies failed Coy Morale. This was a very close battle that could have gone either way. A sound defence v. a sound attack so luck had its way.

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