Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fort Floriet 14/03/06

Starn, Corina, Chris and Robert an hour late.

Diced on the new table Hold the Line.

We used Starns pre-picked armies

Chris Grenadiers chose to defend vs. Starn Russians

Germans deployed 2 platoons of grenadiers + Command near the front objective, 88’s in ambush.

Russians one Infantry = mortars on right, AA guns + Su 122’s centre, Infantry + Matildas left flank.

Turn 1 Russians advanced. Germans sprung ambush early to try to slow the Russian infantry. Killed 2 infantry stands.

Turn 2. Russians advanced. Sturmoviks came on and did nothing. Germans killed an infantry stand and a truck and attached AA gun. Tiger reinforcement came on.

Turn 3. Russians advanced. Germans killed 3 stands of infantry.

Turn 4. Russians advanced. Germans killed 5 stands of infantry.

Turn 5. Russians killed an 88 and an infantry stand. Germans killed 6 stands of infantry. No reinforcements.

Turn 6. Russians advanced. Germans killed 7 infantry stands.

Turn 7. Russians infantry pinned. Germans received rest of reinforcements which double moved. Kill 7 stands infantry.

Turn 8. Russians kill 2 German infantry stands. One Russian infantry fails moral test. The other Russian infantry is down to 1 stand and retreats behind hill.

Turn 9. The Matildas and Su 122’s are the only 2 platoons in the German half of the table. The Germans assault the Su 122’s bailing 3 but then fail moral and retreat.

Turn 10 the Tiger finishes off the Matildas.

Turn 11 the Tiger kills the Su 122’s. Game over 6-1 to the Germans.

Post Mortem. The Russian planes came frequently but only got through 3 times and did very little. The German planes came less frequently and also did very little.

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